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Most of the web browsers out there do have multi-threaded downloading but even so, using a dedicated download manager is always handy not to forget that it’s far more convenient offers a better well UI and they are usually faster than web browsers.


The recommendation for windows users is IDM or Internet Download Manager which is a paid software. So, what are some free alternatives?


In this article, we will be looking at the best free download managers for your PC that you can use to download stuff faster and equally have them organized as well.

Top 3 Best Download Managers for Windows 11 in 2022

Motrix Download Manager


It’s one of the easiest to use intuitive and very powerful download managers out there.


Motrix comes with a clean and minimalistic user interface that performs just as well as IDM coupled with all the cool features you get up to 10 concurrent downloads, 64 thread download support, port mapping, and much more.


The UI here also supports dark mode which is pretty cool even though it’s still in the development stage it works very well and is a very good free download manager.

Turbo Download Manager


if you fancy open source software and want a download manager that offers a better UI as compared to J downloader, then the turbo download manager is the one you need.


Turbo download manager comes with a super minimal user interface that is perfect for someone who wants a straightforward download manager. it comes with an automatic video grabbing feature, and apps, video, audio, image files or any other downloads that you want.


Additional, there’s multi-setting downloads with support for pause and resume capabilities as well.




uGet brings about features such as multi-connection downloads which uses file splitting to increase download speeds, batch download with file queuing, and the ability to resume and pause downloads without having to start the downloads from the beginning.


The app automatically adjusts its appearance based on the color scheme and icons of the operating system that it is installed on. The best part here is the seamless browser integration which easily lets you fetch downloads.

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